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You can use the form below to set up a new account that will allow you to connect to our cloud via the DuroCloud Client application. All fields are required. Please note that our software is subject to U.S. export control regulations on encryption software, and as such, we are unable to sell or distribute our software to banned or embargoed countries, organizations, or individuals, as defined in our Privacy Policy and our User Agreement.

Sign-ups temporarily disabled

Our engineers are busy at work migrating the existing DuroCloud client codebase from Java to Electron (read about it in our blog). Until this process is complete, we are disabling new signups. We are doing this mainly to make the migration to the new client app easier on our dev team and to avoid any inconvenience to our users when we do make this switch. The other (major) reason for this is that we are upgrading to more secure encryption standards that should be completely future-proof for at least the next 6 years (which is almost a century in the tech world), barring what would have to be a string of major breakthroughs in theoretical mathematics and/or quantum computing.

Regarding the new stuff, we can't say much at this point, but what we can say is that we are extremely excited about the new features being developed, and we are even more excited to begin unveiling them to our users in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for some very exciting news regarding the DuroCloud product line.