About us

We are a homegrown, people-driven company built by computer scientists, security experts, and privacy advocates who want to change the world.

The DuroSoft Mission

Our goal is to create high quality, high security software that enhances and protects consumer privacy, pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved with computing, and changes the world for the better. In particular, we strive towards a world where governments work hand-in-hand with the tech industry to protect our basic human rights and privacy, and consider these rights to be unwavering and inviolable, even in the face of so-called "threats" to national security.

Our Story

In early 2015, appalled by the magnitude of the then-recent Snowden revelations, and disappointed by the general lack of client-side encrypted, scalable cloud storage solutions, we set out together to create an end-to-end encrypted storage system that could exist in Google's cloud network without exposing data to anyone but the account keyholder. Fast-foward a year, and DuroCloud was born.