Moving away from Java, hello Electron!

It's been fun, if not chaotic and frustrating wrestling with low-level UI features on Linux, Windows, and OSX simultaneously from within the JVM. While Java is a great choice for many cross-platform app deployments, it has been nothing but a nightmare for us because of the level of OS integration expected by end users from something as intimate as an encrypted cloud storage client. And that's not even mentioning the horrors of JWrapper.

With Java, Our engineers had to spend countless hours wrestling with the JVM just to get basic features we take for granted in single-platform development, such as run-on-startup, desktop icons, system tray icons, etc., to work on all of our supported OSes. Even though the current version of the DuroCloud client is fully functional, eventually we had to throw in the towel and say enough is enough.

Our leadership has made the executive decision to migrate all existing development efforts on the DuroCloud client to Atom.io's venerable Electron app framework. Based on the Chromium Embedded framework, and used by the likes of Atom, Spotify, GitHub Client, and many others, Electron will allow us to create a seamless and cohesive user experience that is sleek and consistent across Linux, Windows, and OSX. Check them out here.


Development Plans

First we would like to thank everyone who has participated in the beta and early-access versions of DuroCloud. Your feedback has been invaluable as we build out our service and prepare for an official 1.0 launch.

Based on this feedback, we are going to be making a number of changes to our core service, and particularly, to the client application and to how encryption keys are handled (our engineers think we can do something better than a simple passphrase that must be memorized). Stay tuned in the coming days for announcements regarding new features and the new direction we have planned for DuroCloud.


Hello world!

This is our first public post addressing the community. Greetings and welcome! For those who don't already know us, we are a homegrown, people-driven software company, built by computer scientists, security experts, and privacy advocates who want to change the world. We are DuroSoft!

We want to let everyone know that our development team has been working tirelessly to put the finishing touches on DuroCloud so we can bring you the world's first truly secure encrypted cloud storage solution.